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Amiga 500 Technical Information

Amiga 500 Specifications

Central Processor:
                               Motorola MC68000, 7.2MHz
                               512KB RAM expandable 1MB
                               3.5" double-sided double-density microdisk with 880KB formatted storage capacity per disk.
                               Mechnical, .013 mm/count (200 counts per inch)
                                RS-232 serial interface
                                Centronics -compatible paraller interface
                                External disk interface
                                Mouse/Game Controller
                                Additional game controller interface
                                Keyboard interface
                                Two audio outputs for stereo sound
                                Memory cartridge interface
                                Expansion interface
Supported Monitors:
                                Analog RGB, digital RGB, monochrome (composite video), and standard televisions

Systemboards Chips

68000 Microprocessor:
                                The 68000 is the CPU of the system.
                                The ROM contains the kernel and DOS routines; it is 128K * 16.
Paraller I/O
                                The 2 multipurpose 8520 I/O chips.
Clocks generator
                                The entire computer board is run synchronous to the 3.579545 MHz color clock.
                                Number of submultiple frequencies from the master 28.63636 MHz NTSC (or 28.37516 Mhz for PA)
                               crystal oscillator.

The Amiga`s animation, graphics, and sound are produced by three custom chips.

Fat Agnus
                                Custom animation chip
                                Custom graphics chip
                                Custom sound/peripherals chip
                                Custom control chip

Amiga 500 Manual

Introduction to the Amiga 500
294 pages in jpg -format named A500001, ..., A500294.
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Rar file size 34MB

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Amiga 500 Block Diagram

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Amiga 500 Systemboard
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