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IBM PS/2 Model 80 - 8580

3.5" 1.44MB FDD is installed to the computers front part. There is also place for other FDD and place for 5.25" device. The computer is so heavy that a handle is necessary to move the computer.

The computer has socket for 230V in a power supply. The power supply has no 230v out for a display. Motherboard have 2 PS/2 sockets for keyboard and mouse. LPT, 25pin COM -ports and VGA adapter are integrated to the motherboard.

Intel 80386 processor and 80387 FPU have been installed to motherboard. The CPU runs at 20MHz. There are also 2 oscillators making 40.000HMz and 32.000MHz frequencis. Other oscillators are also installed to motherboard.

Larger photo of interior view of the IBM PS/2. Zoomable Viewing: Flash Player v9 or later is used for viewing.

The computer has full height 5.5" 115MB HDD. Type of the HDD is 0669. The HDD uses, not very common, ESDI -connector. Two cables from HDD adapter are connected to the HDD and power cable is connected from the power supply. The 0669 first shipped in 1987. Developed at IBM Rochester, MN, it was a full height 5½-inch HDD with a capacity of up to 115MB on up to 4 130 mm disks. It was the HDD internal to the System/36 5363 System Unit and Series 1 4956 System Unit. Download starting and stopping sound of the HDD in MP3 -format. 41s, 541 KB

There is place for another HDD or tape drive. Data cable for FDD comes from motherboard and connector for other FDD is ready. IBM PS/2 computers used ISA and MCA architecture.

CMOS battery was installed together with a speaker. This is not common solution. The battery is now removed from it´s holder.

The computer have weird RAM modules. There are 2 sockets on the motherboard. Capacity of installed module may be 1MB.