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Dim galaxy in constellation Pegasus

Observation of Kuiper belt object Salacia was unsuccesfull. Salacia was just too dim for a telescope. It was about 21mag
when the image was taken. Very dim galaxy appeared in the corner of the telescopes field. The galaxy could not be indentified.

The telescope was aimed to
RA: 23 07 48.00 
DE: +20 19 30.0
during imaging

ITelescopes Telescope-17
0,43m (17inch) located to Australia

FLI ProLine E2V CCD47-10-1-109 Deep Depletion - Fused Silica
0,92 Arc secs/pixels

Field of View
16´ * 16´

I (photometry infrared)

3 * 300s

28 August 2013