VMpalvelin / Astronomy

Astrophotography with film and DSLR, Robotic telescope

Deep sky
Perseus Galaxy Cluster - Abell 426
Whirlpool Galaxy (Messier 51, M51) in infrared and ultraviolet
Jet in galaxy M87
Blue Snowball Nebula, NGC 7662
Sombrero Galaxy (M104, NGC 4594) in infrared
Galaxy NGC 7331 in infrared
M1 - Crab Nebula in H alfa, visual, infrared and ultraviolet
M82 (Cigar Galaxy) in blue, H alfa and infrared
Galaxy Centaurus A in infrared and ultraviolet
Dim galaxy constellation Pegasus
M27 - Dumbbell nebula in infrared, H alfa and ultraviolet
NGC 7000 - North America nebula

Solar system
Moons of Uranus
Neptune and Triton
Moons of Saturn
Asteroids Irene, Zwetana and Penelope
Asteroid 344 Desiderata
Dwarf planet 1 Ceres
Transit of Mercury, May 09 2016

Star trails
Testing Robotic telescope

Planetary nebulae research
Planetary nebulae research 2
Planetary nebulae research 3
Planetary nebulae research 4

Planetary nebulae research with ultraviolet, hydrogen alfa and infrared filters and low resolution spectrum.
Nebulae in the catalog 1
Dumbell Nebula, M27, NGC 6853
Ring Nebula, M57, NGC 6720
NGC 2438
Current nebulae in the catalog 2
Owl Nebula, M97, NGC 3587
Little Dumbbell Nebula, M76, NGC 650/651
Robin's egg nebula, NGC 1360
Current nebulae in the catalog 3
Ghost of Jupiter, NGC 3242
Blue Snowball Nebula, NGC 7662
Eskimo Nebula, NGC 2392
Current nebulae in the catalog 4
Hidden planetary, Abell 12

Variable stars

Constellation Period Observed regularly Other
Fi-Hya Hydra 326 d No Near cluster M68
Color index 5.29
V0482 Aur Auriga 280 d No
SRA, semiregular
Ku And info
Ku And observations
Andromeda 720 d No Brown dwarf, M10