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Ku And

Star: Ku And
RA: 00h 07min 42.0s
DE: +43°10' 22"
Constellation: Andromeda
Variable type: M
Notes: Late-M dwarf. The star 
is very close to an other star.

Observations of Ku And.

Ku And is very reddish star and it is colse to another star. The photo is taken 2016-02-18 (YYYY-MM-DD) .
1 * 10 min exposure with I filter
1 * 10 min exposure with R filter
43cm f/6.8 telescope
The image also shows dim unnamed galaxies.

Change of brightness of the Ku And. Two photos stacked. The first photo is taken 2015-12-24 and the second 2016-10-13 (YYYY-MM-DD). The first image is red and the second image is green.
1 * 10 min exposure with I filter first image.
1 * 3s exposure with I filter second image.
43cm f/6.8 telescope