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Erneman View Camera
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This Ernemann camera is folding view camera. It is manufactured before The First World War. The camera uses 9cm * 12cm glass plate negatives or films.

The camera has a medium wide angle lens. The lenses focal lenght is equivalent to 40mm (approximated) in 35mm cameras. The lens is equipped with compund shutter and shutter speeds are 1/100s, 1/50s, 1/25s, 1/5s, 1/2s, 1s (symbol M I), B (symbol Z T) and T (symbol 0). Lenses aperture scale is not same as in modern lenses. The scale is from 24 to 3 and it is equivalent to 11 - 32 in modern lenses. In the lenses scale 24 is the highest aperture and 3 is the lowest. So the scale is reversed. The lens and front part have texts "Ernemann Detectiv Aplanat 6.8 No 1." and "Ernemann-Dresden-Patent" The lens has permanently attachd cable release. There is a text "Ernemann Dresden" at the end of the cable release.

The camera is focused using focusing screen. There is a "dark cloth" in the screens frame that helps focusing and viewing in bright light.

The camera has also small finder close to the lens.

  The focusing screens frame has mark "130".

The camera has front shift movements to up, down, left and right. The camera has two 3/8" tripod screws for horisontal and vertical photos. Now there are adapters from 3/8" to 1/4".

At the top of the camera there is an Erneman logo. The logo has following text: "H. Ernemann Dresden Schutzmarke" Schutzmarke means Trademark.

Films and plates are put to holders. The holders are made of thin metal plate.

The camera without focusing screen.

All four film holders have text "Ernemann".

The camera is closed and ready to be moved.

Cameras bed.

Sample photo.
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The photo has been taken with the Ernemann using 9cm * 12cm ISO 100 daylight-balanced color transparency film.
Scanners resolution: 2400dpi
Image size: 7492 x 10097  Pixels (75.65 MPixels)
Colors: 16,7 Millions (24 Bits Per Pixel)
Size of the photo (TIFF -format): 216.43 MB