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Nature, wildlife and landscape photography with film and DSLR

Animals 2
Birds on Bird Feeder
Landscape Landscape 2
Autumn Plants  Plants
Flowing Water Weird Thing in Picea Abies
Atmosphere UV (Ultraviolet) and IR (Infrared) Photography
Usnea Northern Hawk Owl
Deilephilia elpenor Burning branches in IR and Visible light
European Crested Tit
Common blackbird
European pied flycatcher Great Green Bush-Cricket
Insects 2
Insects 3
Abandoned nest of a great tit The death of a nest robber
Photography with expired films

Great spotted woodpecker Great spotted woodpecker 2
Great spotted woodpecker 2018 - 1 Great spotted woodpecker 2018 - 2
Great spotted woodpecker 2018 - 3

Ernemann - View Camera Technical Details of UV and IR Filters
Old Documents of Photographic Products